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Jason Kelce Takes Young Fan To Say Hello To Taylor Swift At Chiefs Game (VIDEO)

How amazing! Jason Kelce takes young fan to say hello to Taylor Swift at Chiefs game last night. It finally happened. Jason and Kylie Kelce hang with Taylor Swift at the Chiefs game in Buffalo. Most fans, except the Brads, Chads, and Karens, have been waiting for this moment. Jason and Kylie Kelce hanging out with Taylor Swift. It’s a family affair in Buffalo tonight as not only are Jason and Kylie there, but so are Ed and Donna Kelce. A few of Taylor’s famous friends came with her to support Travis as well. I listen to Jason and Travis’ “New Heights” podcast every week and Jason mentioned in last week’s episode that he was probably going to go see Travis play in Buffalo since he doesn’t get to see Travis play that often. Jason not only went shirtless, jumped out of the VIP suite to say hi to fans, high fived with Taylor Swift, he also made a young fan's dream come true.  In the seats below the suite a Taylor Swift fan had a sign that said, "I Love Taylor Swift." So the one and only Jason Kelce, jumped out of the window, went into the stands - shirtless I might add - to pick up the young girl and show Taylor the creative sign.  You can hear him in the video saying, "we're going to show this to Taylor really quick" as he picks her up, turns her around to get Taylor's attention in the suite.  As you can see she's so excited to be waving to Taylor.  Jason then takes a pic with her and gently puts her down like the epic girl dad he is.  The Kelce's were having the best night as not only did the Chief's win, and they are headed back to the AFC Championship game again, Travis scored two touchdowns.  It stinks the Eagles still aren't play, but seeing Jason having the best time, definitely makes it sting a little less. https://www.tiktok.com/@barstoolsports/video/7326799084881235246 [select-listicle listicle_id="271379" syndication_name="jason-and-kylie-kelce-hang-with-taylor-swift-at-chiefs-game-in-buffalo-pics" description="yes"]

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