Southern Delaware Introduces Muskrat for Dinner

Can you believe some people are still eating muskrat? The Ellendale restaurant, Southern Grille, will be featured on the Food Network TV Show, "Restaurant Impossible" for a restoration and renovation project. The Food Network show works to revamp a restaurant in need of some help, paying for the contractors, electricians, and all other labor workers. If you're interested in volunteering for the project, Restaurant Impossible is now seeking out volunteers who want to be put to work and are willing to appear on television. The taping of the Grand Re-Opening for the show will be on August 29th at 7pm. All locals are invited to attend, but be forewarned it is first come first serve. Not only known for Delaware's breakfast meat staple, scrapple, Southern Grille has gained its fame through a very unique kind of dish. Muskrat. The longtime chef, Ronald White, of Southern Grille, serves them boiled, fried, or barbecued, head optional. With a side of gravy.   A Trip Advisor reviewer, bhicks1052┬ánoted, "The muskrat itself was good. Not too gamey, a little reminiscent of beef, but there is not a lot of meat on a muskrat. The rear haunches were the meatiest, the ribs were a little lean. Over all it was certainly a dining experience that I am glad I experienced, but I probably wouldn't do muskrat again. No fault of the Southern Grill, just my own taste. A case of it's not you. It's me." So we'll let you be the judge of the muskrat. Please inform us of what you think. We'll take your word for it.