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Pennsylvania Town Named One of the Most Beloved Small Towns in America

Small towns are all the rage these days. With the busy lives that most people lead, filled with meetings and wall-to-wall people, many people are finding that they want to get away from it all. Hence, small towns are very popular, whether it's when considering a move or vacation destination. Now, a new study is out about about the best small towns in America. According to the study, Pennsylvania has one of the best small towns in America. It will be interesting to see if any of the small towns in the study and up getting larger when people find out about them. The study comes from In it, they list just nine small towns in America that they consider the best, so it's an elite list. "Whether you're searching for affordable places to raise a family or a community full of amenities perfect for your retirement, these nine locations across the U.S. are the top small towns to live in, thanks to their affordability, friendly communities, and unique attractions!" they state. Before we get to our state's city, let's look at the others. Small towns that made the cut include Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, Clarendon Hills, Illinois; Fayetteville, Arizona; Georgetown, Texas; Los Alamos, New Mexico; Louisville, Colorado; Portland, Maine; and Traverse City, Michigan. Pennsylvania Town Named One of the Most Beloved Small Towns in America So, which Pennsylvania town is considered one of the most beloved small towns in America? It's Chesterbrook. What makes it so great? According to, "The town’s well-kept neighborhoods and quiet streets are perfect for families, with a variety of community walking trails winding throughout. Spacious green parks, like Wilson Farm Park, bring a touch of nature to this small Pennsylvania town, making it great for pet-lovers and nature-lovers alike." If you're wondering what it costs to live here, according to the study, the median home price is $312,600 median purchase and the median monthly rent is $1,991. Find the full list here. [select-listicle listicle_id="197027" syndication_name="pennsylvania-town-named-one-of-the-most-beautiful-and-affordable-places-in-the-us" description="no"]

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