Cup o’ Joy

New Jersey Shelter will Name a Feral Cat after Your Ex and Neuter It

A New Jersey Shelter will name a feral cat after your ex, then neuter it for Valentine's Day. Wouldn't that feel good? There are a lot of fun, romantic things you can do for Valentine’s Day if you are in a relationship. But if you are single, Valentine’s Day can be depressing. Especially if you are recently single. Someone at one South Jersey animal shelter feels your pain, and they are determined to lighten your emotional load. For a 50-dollar donation, you can name a feral cat after your ex. And then, the cat will be neutered or spayed. According to the Homeward Bound Adoption Center in Blackwood, New Jersey, “Some things shouldn’t breed.” Very clever. BTW - This isn't the first time Homeward Bound has been in the spotlight. Check out this story about Fishtopher! Trap-Neuter-Return The Valentine’s Day offer is part of Homeward Bound’s TNR program. TNR stands for Trap Neuter Return, and that is exactly what they do. As the shelter’s website explains, strays, or “community cats” are not homeless. Their home is outside. They are cats that have spent their entire lives living among a community of other cats, or a colony, avoiding humans. They sleep where they can find shelter and they eat what they can find. These cats do not make good pets because they like the life they live. Why bother? So, why bother with feral cats? It is important to keep an eye on feral cats in your community because you do not want that population to get out of control. Shelters like Homeward Bound offer services to maintain the safety of these felines. They not only spay and neuter, but they also ear-tip, offer feline distemper, and one-year rabies vaccination. Meet the First Five According to Homeward Bound's Instagram, there are five cats named after ex's so far. Here you can meet: Rodney, Sara, McCarthy, Major Tom, and Bambi. Neuter Your Ex For more information on naming a feral cat after your ex (and having hit spayed or neutered), or if you would like to adopt an adorable cat or dog, you can reach out to Homeward Bound Adoption Center in Blackwood, New Jersey by clicking THIS LINK.