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6 Iconic Jason Kelce Outfits We Love

6 Iconic Jason Kelce Outfits We Love Jason Kelce's Retirement Speech On Monday, March 4th, 2024 Jason Kelce scheduled a press conference to make a "big announcement." At this moment, Philadelphians feared that this would be the moment when Jason Kelce would announce his retirement. Unfortunately for fans of the Philadelphia Eagles Center, their biggest fear came true. Jason walked into a room filled with his wife and family wearing a Philadelphia Eagles cut-off, shorts, and flip-flops. When it came time for Kelce to start his speech, he burst into tears. Silence filled the room as the footballer began to take in the idea that his career had finally ended.  Over the past year, football fans wondered when Jason Kelce would retire. Kelce and his wife, Kylie have three beautiful daughters, Wyatt, Elliot, and Bennet who are all under the age of four. In the 'Kelce' documentary, Jason and Kylie worried about Jason's physical health if he continued playing football. After the previous season, especially with the devastating ending for the Birds, it was suspected that we would be mourning his career very soon.  Who Was In The Room Where It Happened? Jason Kelce is a family man. We constantly see him pour out his love the women in his life like his wife, his mother, and his three little girls. When the press conference was announced, we knew that his family would be there supporting him the whole way. So, who was in the room when it happened? Through video, we watched Kylie wipe tears away. We saw his brother Travis sit behind a pair of dark sunglasses to hid his pain. Of course, his parents, Donna and Ed support their son's 13-year long football career. For his teammates who weren't in the press conference room, they showed their support on social media.  Philly's Biggest Fan & Most Iconic Outfits No matter what Jason chooses to do during retirement, we know that he will always be Philly's biggest fan! We'll see you at the Jersey Shore this summer, Jason! In the meantime, let's remember these iconic fits from Jason Kelce.