Giving the best advice he can give on Pigskin Picks, it’s Big Game James.

Big Game James is The New Mix 99.5 WJBR’s Pigskin Picks aficionado. Each Thursday at 3:20PM, Johnny B invites Big Game James to give his spiel on The Best Matchup to Watch this week, the Highest Upset Potential, and of course the Eagles Game, for all our Eagles fans. If you’ve missed any episodes of Big Game James, we’ve taken the liberty to provide each episode below.


Episode 9: Week 9

Big Game James enters the Johnny B afternoon show with the hot topic of the black cat running on to the field this past week. His marquee matchup goes to Chargers vs Raiders. He also thinks the biggest potential upset this week is Steelers beating the Rams…When it comes to the Birds game, there is none, because we’re on a bye…

Episode 8: Week 8

Big Game James gives his predictions on the Panthers vs 49ers game this week. This game will be set as Big Game’s Marquee Matchup. Highest Upset Potential will be awarded to the Eagles. Bills have a weak defense that the Eagles could potentially take advantage of…


Episode 7: Week 7

Marquee Matchup of the Week goes to the…Eagles! That’s right, Eagles and Cowboys what we’ve all been waiting for. Highest upset potential is being seen as the Saints and the Bears. Listen to this weeks episode for the full details and predictions on Eagles vs. Cowboys rivalry…


Episode 6: Week 6

Big Game James has been on a hot streak when it comes to Marquee Matchups. I mean that is why we bring him in. He’s going Niners, Rams for this Week’s Top Matchup, Texans, Chiefs for Highest Upset Potential, and unfortunately (for Eagles fans) James thinks they’ll be beat this week….



Episode 5: Week 5

So Pats continue to dominate…Marquee Matchup of this week goes to Rams vs. Seahawks or even Packers vs. Cowboys. Highest Upset Potential according to Big Game James is taking 49ers vs Browns this week. And lastly, James gives the inside scoop for the upcoming Eagles game against the New York Jets…



Episode 4: Week 4

Week 4 has arrived, hopefully you’re picks are performing well. That’s why we bring in Big Game James. The Marquee Matchup or top matchup this week of football hasn’t been a top matchup in quite some time. The undefeated Patriots take on the undefeated Buffalo Bills. Highest upset potential goes to Titans and Falcons. In terms of the Eagles game, it’ll be tough. Eagles still have a lot to figure out, while Green Bay has always been an offensively dominant team. Hopefully Eagles will pull through, but from Big Game James’ stance, he does not think so…



Episode 3: Week 3

Big Game has Ravens vs. Chiefs as the Top Matchup. Two best offenses in the NFL right now. Having to pick one, he goes Panthers vs. Cardinals for Highest Upset Potential. As always, Big Game and Johnny B talk Eagles…



Episode 2: Week 2

Week 2, we have some upsets, some lame games, and some nail biters. Big Game breaks it down for Week 2.



Episode 1: Week 1

It’s the first week of football! Jump in to the debut of Big Game James on the Johnny B Afternoon Show at 3:20PM every Thursday!