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Law Enforcement Memorial Run passes by the WJBR Studios on May 12, 2023

Law Enforcement Memorial Run In Delaware

This afternoon while I was at the WJBR copy machine, I glanced out the window here at 812 Philadelphia Pike in Wilmington and saw a heavy police presence.

Naturally I was wondering what was going on.  There were officers in cars, on bikes, walking around the area.  I thought maybe there was an incident across the street at Bellevue State Park or at our neighbors at Walgreens or at the Wells Fargo Bank.

Then I saw a small group of people running south on Philadelphia Pike with many trailers and vans and more law enforcement behind them.

Then I saw a banners on some of the chase vehicles.  It said “Law Enforcement Memorial Day Run“!  So naturally I googled that!

What I learned and what I will now share with you is that this organization is an international group of dedicated runners and Survivors from Emergency Services and the Military.  This being National Police Week, the group runs a 3 day, 150 mile rely race from the Philadelphia Navy Yard, all the way down to the Washington DC National Police Memorial.  They do this run to honor officers who gave the ultimate sacrifice while protecting the communities they serve.

The race started this morning at the Philly Navy Yard and by the 1pm hour they were running right by WJBR.

The run started in 1996 with just 4 runners.  2 were from the Philadelphia Police Department and 2 were officers from the Delaware River Port Authority.

Today they have nearly 200 running.

The run is a group of friends honoring the family members and survivors of officers killed in the line of duty.

Here’s How You Can Help

WJBR salutes them.  You can honor them too with a donation to the Law Enforcement Memorial Run.

Law Enforcement Memorial Run In Delaware, on their way to DC.

10 Summer Vacation Spots Within Driving Distance from Delaware

If you live in Delaware and are looking for a summer vacation to somewhere you can still drive, there are plenty of beautiful spots accessible in under 10 hours. We know, a 10 hour car ride is not for everyone. But perhaps, you’d rather take your car with you and skip the airport this time. Driving to a vacation destination can be easier than worrying about flight delays, cancellations, turbulence for nervous passengers, and costs. According to one statistic, 73% of Americans would rather drive than fly to a vacation destination.

The list below is based on average drive times to each destination. The time could vary depending on traffic, amount of stops, where you’re exactly located to where you’re exactly travelling to, etc. The trips below range from 2 hours to 10 hours being the max.

  • Ocean City, New Jersey - 2.5 hours

    BeachgoersOcean City New Jersey, America’s Greatest Family Resort Beach is home to less than 12,000 people. Have a breath of fresh air while you lay out on the sand without being overly crowded by other beachgoers. Ocean City is a dry town, which means there is no alcohol served on the island. All alcohol must be purchased on the opposite side of the bridge. Ocean City is only about two and a half hours away from Delaware.

  • Portland, Maine - 8 hours

    Portland MaineFor travelers who don’t mind a longer drive, Portland, Maine is a fabulous choice of summer destinations with an 8 hour drive from Delaware. It’s a great waterfront town, full of fresh seafood, fishing, restaurants, shops, history, and much more. Catch a glimpse of relaxing and breathtaking rivers and mountains atop the Western Promenade.

  • Outer Banks, North Carolina - 6 hours

    Outer BanksThe Outer Banks are an extremely popular summer vacation destination for Delaware residents. You can reach the Outer Banks in about five and a half to six hours driving. Outer Banks is home to the Wright Brothers, lighthouses, sand dunes, wild horses, fishing, and beachgoers. It’s a great place for families to visit with so much to do!

  • Boston, Massachusetts - 7 hours

    BostonBoston is about seven hours or less away from most parts of Delaware. Boston is home to so much American and New England history, as well as city and nightlife, waterfront views, and ballgames. One of the safest cities in America with so much going on, its worth the drive!

  • The Finger Lakes, New York - 6 hours

    Finger Lakes, New YorkDelaware to the Finger Lakes, New York is around six hours driving. The Finger Lakes are a group of eleven long, narrow lakes located south of Lake Ontario. If you’re looking for a nature oriented escape from reality, the Finger Lakes offer great hikes and views.

  • Hilton Head, South Carolina - 10 hours

    Hilton Head South CarolinaHilton Head Island is our longest trip on the list. But it’s so worth it once you arrive. It’s typically always warm, and the beaches are gorgeous. It’s best known for its beaches, golf courses, lighthouses, museums, wildlife refuge, and seeing alligators. There’s a ton of history to explore in Hilton Head Island.

  • Cape Cod, Massachusetts - 8 hours

    Cape Cod, MassachusettsDelaware to Cape Cod, Massachusetts is about an eight hour drive. The best things to do in Cape Cod are whale watching, water activities, fishing, windsurfing, enjoying a cocktail on the water, and going to the beach. You can also reach other popular nearby towns such as Provincetown.

  • Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee - 9 hours

    Smoky MountainsThe Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee may be the first place you see a wild bear! With breathtaking views and abundant trails to explore, this summer trip would be great for someone who loves exploring nature.

  • Newport, Rhode Island - 7 hours

    Newport, Rhode IslandExplore beaches, yacht clubs, mansions, music, and history in Newport, Rhode Island, one of Rhode Island’s most popular tourist destinations.

  • Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania - 3 hours

    Lehigh ValleyMaybe you’ve never visited our neighbors to Delaware; Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. In less than three hours from Delaware, you’ll reach Lehigh Valley, set amid gentle hills and charming countrysides. It’s home to Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton and other small towns. This trip is great for the outdoor recreational lover, with trails for hiking and biking, fishing, history, and much more.