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What Is The US’s Most Common Birthday?

I just had a birthday earlier this week on April 3,  and noticed I shared it with quite a bit of my Facebook friends.

What Is The US's Most Common Birthday?

But then today, when doing my usual morning Facebook birthday greetings, I noticed I had 10 friends celebrating their birthday today, April 7th.

It got me to thinking of April was the most common birthday month.  Then I got to wondering, what was happening in our parents lives 9 months prior to that.  For us April babies, that brings us back to July.  The hottest summer month where our young parents were probably having the time of their lives!

So I have been thinking April must be the most common birthday month.

It isn’t.  In fact April is not even in the top 10!

So What Is The Most Common Birth Month?

Gathered from birth data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Social Security Administration, here is what we learned.

  1. August
  2. July
  3. September
  4. October
  5. May
  6. December
  7. March
  8. June
  9. January
  10. November
  11. April

While August leads the way as the most common birth month, the most common birthday is actually in the following month!

So What Is The Most Common Birthday?

September 9th!  In second and third place are Sept. 19 and 12.  So why September?  Counting back 9 months from there brings us to the holiday season!  The most common period of time for engagements is between Thanksgiving and Christmas!  Of course during that time there is lots of love and celebration in the air, so that naturally leads to a little romance!

…and the least common birthdays are the big holidays of July 4, December 24th, January 1st and December 25th.

Who has time on those days to have a baby!

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15 Stroller Friendly Walking Paths in Northern Delaware

If you’re a new mother or father, or recently had a baby, you’re probably wanting to get out of the house and get some fresh air. But you’ll have to bring that stroller too! People on Reddit have been wondering, what are the best paths to take with a stroller for exercise? So we’ve compiled some of the stroller-friendly walking paths in Northern Delaware that are perfect for parents who enjoy exercising outdoors.

  • Bellevue State Park

    Bellevue State Park offers a walking and biking loop on gravel. The gravel is paved enough to allow your stroller to access it. As well as the gravel loop that’s very large, there is a smaller loop around the main pond. Bellevue also has paved cement sections near the tennis courts and horse farm.

  • Riverfront Wilmington

    The Riverfront is great for walking and is super stroller friendly. The walkway is along the water which offers beautiful scenery as you stroll. The complete pathway is paved with smooth, level cement.

  • Brandywine Town Center 1

    Within the Brandywine Town Center in Wilmington, just off of Naamans Road is a large pond with two fountains. Red Robin can be spotted, bordering the pond. Around this pond is a large paved loop fit for strollers and walkers.

  • Brandywine Town Center 2

    There is also another paved loop near the Regal Movie Theater in Brandywine Town Center. Its directly opposite the movie theater and has a sidewalk loop. The path is just larger than a sidewalk.

  • Glasgow Park

    Glasgow Park has a 2.6 mile paved loop which is excellent for strollers and walkers. Many people bring their dogs and play in the fields here.

  • The Green at University of Delaware

    Since the University of Delaware has so many students walking to class, it makes a great spot to spend some time walking with your stroller. The walkways are paved and very large to accommodate large volumes of crowds.

  • Levels Park in Middletown

    In Middletown, Levels Park has a paved loop that is very level and simple to walk.

  • Talley Day Park Near Brandywine Hundred Library

    Talley Day Park is located just off of Foulk Road in North Wilmington. The Brandywine Hundred Library is located within the same development. It offers many different paved trails and elevations fit for strollers.

  • Bechtel Park

    Bechtel Park off of Naamans Road features a large paved loop and walkways for strollers. Some portions may be shared with vehicles,  so take caution at those parts.

  • Rockford Park

    Rockford Park is a great open space in Wilmington. Many dog walkers come here and play in the fields and walk the loop. You can’t miss this park, as Rockford Tower stands tall within it.

  • Can-Do Park Near Alopocas

    Can-Do Park is home to many youth sports activities and has a trail that extends into both Bellevue State Park, as well as Alopocas.

  • Bonsall Park

    Bonsall Park is right off of Silverside Road and frequents many walkers, bikers, sports players, and children. The walkways are paved and goes in a loop. Ample parking is available as well.

  • Battery Park in Old New Castle

    There may be geese, but the geese are friendly. Battery Park also offers scenic views of the Delaware River.

  • Brandywine Park by the Zoo

    All the walkways here are paved. You can access the zoo from this as well as Alopocas.

  • Rockwood Mansion

    Rockwood Mansion is a great place to take a stroller. Though there is a bit of harder elevation