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A proposed Milton fast food restaurant plan has been tabled for the time being.

The addition of a McDonald’s in Milton was put on pause this week.

The proposed plan to place the burger and fries spot on the corner of Route 16 and Union Street Extended will have to wait a little bit longer.

According to WRDE “During the Planning and Zoning meeting on March 21, a representative for McDonald’s presented new building plans. The softer, calmer look, along with a number of other changes, aims to meet the demands and public safety concerns of both the town and the community.”

The plan for the Mickey D’s was tabled as the next meeting of the committee is April 18th.

The new restaurant would be located across from a proposed Royal Farms gas station and convenience store.

Plans for the McDonalds would include 60 seats, parking spots, landscaping, and a drive-thru area.

The fast food chain would be building a 4,000 square foot restaurant.

According to the Cape Gazette “The board unanimously granted variances to allow McDonald’s to have four electronic signs and to have a 10-foot-wide drive aisle from the service window to the parking area; town code requires a minimum of 60 feet from the service window to either the public right of way or interior parking areas, a requirement board Chair Steve Crawford deemed excessive.”

Concerns have risen about the proposed project including walking accessibility, parking, increase in traffic, and future road widening.

Milton residents also cite Milton’s charm as a concern and feel as though the McDonald’s would take away from that.

Others welcome change.

Milton, Delaware is known for its antique town feel.

A proposed Milton fast food restaurant plan has been tabled for the time being.

The addition of a McDonald’s in Milton was put on pause this week.

What Delaware is Famous For According to Out-Of-Staters

When asked, “What is Delaware famous for?” these answers were recorded by out-of-staters. Maybe they know more than we do, or they just don’t! Some said the obvious things we all think of when describing our own state, but others noted what they think they know about Delaware. It’s always interesting to see what others think of us, being such a small state. Delaware is known for way more than we know, and it’s our duty to represent our state proudly!

  • No Sales Tax

    It’s the no brainer. We tell people this when describing our state too. So they’re not far off for saying this is what we’re famous for.

  • Historically, the First State

    Not everyone knows this, believe it or not. But yes, we are number 1 and that is something to be proud of.

  • Corporate Law

    Many businesses have headquarters and office space in Delaware to benefit from the lenient taxes and business laws.

  • DuPont

    DuPont is actually well known globally, due to their relations to Europe and the making of gunpowder in their early founding years.

  • Joe Biden

    The President of the United States is from Delaware and frequents coming home, resulting in what we all call “Joe Jams”.

  • That Scene in Wayne's World

    “Hi, we’re in….Delaware.”

  • Famous For Not Being Famous

    One redditor, DrWhoIsOverrated, stated, “There are very few things that stick out about the state, yet it’s the first state that comes to mind whenever someone is asked about a forgettable state.”

  • Tradition to Stock Up On Booze When Passing Through the State

    Our liquor stores have no sales tax and our liquor and beer is fairly cheaper than other states. Mind you, we have very large loiquor stores all over the state.

  • Dogfish Head Beer

    A local brewery that grew into a nationally known brand. Founded in Milton Delaware and Rehoboth Beach Delaware.

  • Chicken Farms

    The history of the overproduction of chicken in the United States actually stems from Delaware in the early founding areas. A mistake in shipping chickens to a Delaware farmer resulted in the farmer receiving thousands of more chickens than she intended.

  • Drivers Not Going Faster Than the Posted Speed Limit on 295

    Apparently, we drive the suggested speed limit on I-295…. isn’t this the right thing to do though?

  • A Bridge and Tolls

    Obviously this was written by someone who lives North of the beaches.

  • The Pronunciation of Newark

    You can tell a Delawarean from a New Jersey local by the way they pronounce Newark. It’s New-ark, not Nork here!

  • Nothing

    People really have the audacity to say Delaware has “nothing.” How do you think we wrote this list then???