Rare Wisconsin Quarter Hanging Out In Your Change Jar Could Be Worth $6,000
If you’re like me, you tend to toss your change in a jar in the bedroom. Now, hopefully you didn’t bring that jar down to the coin exchange thing at a Fort Myers Publix one night when you needed beer money. Because we just learned about a coin that could be worth thousands. The coin you’re looking for is a 2004 Wisconsin state quarter. With one very specific error.

According to PCGS, the one you’re looking for has an extra leaf. “There were two different varieties discovered for the “Wisconsin Extra Leaf Quarters.” One of them being the “Low Leaf” variety, which is the most common of the two. The second variety is the “High Leaf” variety, which is the scarcer of the two. Each variety has an extra husks on the left side of the corn, which are not visible on regular Wisconsin quarters.”

Now, if you have a 2004 Wisconsin quarter in your possession, here’s what you may have. the New York Post reports “A 2004 Wisconsin quarter with an extra “low leaf” was auctioned for a record $6,000 in January 2020 while a 2004 Wisconsin quarter with an extra “high leaf” was auctioned for a record $2,530 in July 2006.”

Here’s what the “extra leaf” looks like:


If you have this Wisconsin quarter, congrats! You may have just paid your rent with a single coin!

You’ll need to get it graded and appraised. Good thing you didn’t dump that quarter into the vending machine at work to score a bag of Miss Vickie’s Jalapeno chips. Also, if you have any $2 bills or wheat pennies stashed, here’s what to look for on those.

As kids, we thought coin collecting was for nerds. But hoarding coins can pay. You just need to know what you’re looking for. This Tik Tok account has a lot more.

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30 Things You'll Never See in Delaware Ever Again

Ahh, our favorite pastimes of the first state. Why does it seem like the greatest parts of Delaware are the ones that are no longer here and just a memory? Well maybe not all of these things on the list will be missed…

  • Blue Diamond Park Ferris Wheel in New Castle

    In New Castle there was an old Blue Diamond Amusement Park where Delawareans could ride a roller coaster and a Ferris wheel.

  • The Old Original Rehoboth Beach Bandstand

    Believe it or not, the bandstand in Rehoboth that stands today is not the original. The original was torn down and fully reconstructed to what it is today.

  • Delmarva Chicken Festival

    The Delmarva Chicken Festival was a family favorite for people of Lower Slower Delaware. The festival ended in 2014.

  • Naamans Road Drive In Movies

    Drive in movies aren’t much of a thing anymore across the nation, but Naamans Road in Wilmington was once the place to be.

  • Merry Go Round Trucks in Your Neighborhood

    As a young writer of this article, I actually never knew these existed. Mobile amusement rides that would just happen to pass through a neighborhood similar to the ice cream truck.

  • Ogletown Putt Putt and Car Wash Visits

    This one will only resonate for certain readers. Going to play mini golf and then going through the car wash afterwards because it was just that much fun to watch the windows.

  • Galaxy Arcade at Christiana Mall

    The Christiana Mall used to be home for the Galaxy Arcade that hosted Spy Hunter and various pin ball machines. Unfortunately it’s no longer there.

  • Delaware Toy Museum

    This strange and small museum in Wilmington ended up closing in 2007.

  • Kahunaville

    Kahunaville was a favorite for everyone who stepped through the volcanic doors. With talking tiki trees, people dressed up, summer concert series, and drinks, it’s no wonder it became the nightlife scene of Wilmington.

  • Delaware Archaeology Museum

    The Delaware Archaeology Museum was located in Dover and closed due to finances falling through.

  • First USA Riverfront Arts Center

    Before there was a Chase Center on the Riverfront, there was First USA Riverfront Arts Center that hosted many performing arts shows for Delawareans to attend.

  • Scrimmages Sports Bar

    Scrimmages held on for a long 15 years, thanks to its many loyal customers. It closed in 2013 and now is home to a new bar.

  • Funscape

    If you remember seeing the raceway when you went to the Regal Cinema Brandywine location, that was Funscape. An arcade, racecars, laser tag, they had it all. It was the largest entertainment and cinema complex under one roof.

  • The Stone Balloon Concerts

    If these were ranked in order of most dearly missed, this could be at the top of the list. Stone Balloon was famous for live music every single night, and even hosted huge musical acts such as Metallica in their early career.

  • Bert's Record Shops

    Bert’s was a small local chain of record shops across Delaware, and quite possibly the only one worth visiting when it was around.

  • Champions in the Mall

    The Concord Mall was home to many retailers and everyone remembered going for new shoes at Champions.

  • The Newark Mini Mall and Arcade

    Newark’s Mini Mall wasn’t anything big or intimidating, but it’s home to many memories for teenagers who grew up with it.

  • The State Theater

    This is a more historic location. The State Theater was located on Main Street in Newark and was actually demolished in the 80s. The location is now apartments and restaurants.

  • Between Books

    The store offered workshops for aspiring writers, and a safe haven for book readers who wanted to break away from the reality of everyday life and fall into some fictional stories.

  • Eating at Kirby and Holloway

    Unfortunately Kirby and Holloway ended in a fire, but it was once your typical 1950s diner, that was authentic too. It actually opened in 1948.

  • Driving South Without Bumper to Bumper Traffic During Summer

    Nowadays, driving to the beach during the summer is just somewhat impossible to do without traffic.

  • Ice Skating on Brandywine River

    Along the Brandywine River, you can actually find an archived vintage picture of Delawareans ice skating on the Brandywine River.

  • The Wagon Wheel Restaurant that Apparently Served Muskrat

    Apparently they served Muskrat. It was a big thing. We even covered the subject in a number of articles. Who knows how real it was?

  • Bowl at Blue Hen Lanes

    Blue Hen Lanes closed in 2014. One of the most popular features of Blue Hen Lanes….disco bowling night.

  • Visit Blue Hen Mall in Dover

    Dover’s “new” mall doesn’t have a fountain that everyone remembers. It was the one fountain that you could make your wishes and throw a coin in. Where did our wishes go?

  • Attended a Punkin Chunkin

    The festival was quickly halted and put to an end after people got injured and dangers continued to arise. But smashing pumpkins is always fun, and you know you’re jealous if you never attended it when it went on.

  • Punk Shows at The Grange on Limestone Road

    The Grange basically defined you as punk when it hosted shows. Rumor has it that Green Day and Paramore actually played at The Grange very early on in their careers.

  • Running Into Joe Biden at Charcoal Pit

    Joe Biden is famous for being the President of the United States. You probably already knew that. He also rode the train from Claymont into the city. You may already know that too.

  • Senior Week at Dewey Beach for Graduating High Schoolers

    As senior weekers became too rowdy in Dewey, it’s no longer a thing. Underage drinking became a problem as well.

  • Happy Harry's Locations

    What is now known as Walgreens, used to be called Happy Harry’s. There was a giant man’s face in glasses (Harry) on every building.