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Have You Ever Been GlitterBombed?

I have. I have been glitterbombed.

I have a friend, a very good friend. We met in California when I lived in the bay area. We clicked right away.

We met through a mutual friend. I ended up joining her boyfriend’s band.

We became roommates. I celebrated her engagement to her rock star boyfriend. We’ve shared drinks in a toast to big career changes and life moves.

She even flew from California to New Jersey to be the videographer at my wedding.

But when it came time for her big day, she did something I never thought she’d do.

The invitation for her wedding came in the mail and much to my dismay, it was a GLITTERBOMB.

Have you Ever Been Glitterbombed?

Glitter went everywhere. My face, my clothes, my hair, our apartment carpet.

Her wedding came and went and I never felt the need to get her back. I don’t think I ever could.

Until today. I thought for a split second, it might be time to return the favor. Especially after I saw a birthday card that came in the mail, from her.

I was so scared to open it, I got Justin and Hollywood Kyle involved.

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