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Deanna and Justin Ride The Zamboni

Ever wonder What It’s Like To Ride A Zamboni? WATCH Below

Deanna and Justin can tell you!

Recently on What In The Wheel, Hollywood Kyle had a surprise. Deanna and Justin were going to ride a zamboni at an upcoming Flyers game.

It all happened on Throwback Thursday, January 19th.

Deanna, Justin and 14 friends went to Flyers game at Wells Fargo Center.

They always wondered what it’s like to ride a zamboni. That Thursday, their questions were answered.

For Deanna, it was as awesome as it looked. Maybe even more awesome than expected.

For Justin, it was a bunch of anxiety and little bit of waving.

The seats are a little slippery, the zamboni goes a little faster than expected and EVERYONE is watching you.

While Deanna had the ride of her life and took tons of photo and videos, Justin just held on tight and tried not to look down.

The zamboni has been around since the 40s and was named after it’s inventor. Frank J. Zamboni thought up the idea when he and his brother ran an ice rink.

They quickly realized they needed a way to clean the ice after the Southern California sun caused it to melt faster than expected.d

This prototype was built at the rear of Iceland skating rink in Paramount, California.

Find out more about the story of the zamboni here.

The big question is, would they do it again? Deanna says “Absolutely!” Justin would, but not as enthusiastically.

Check out more photos below of their experience.


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