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Miss Delaware Scholarship Accepting Applicants

Miss Delaware Scholarship Organization Accepting Applicants

If you’ve ever dreamed of making a lasting impact in your community, keep reading.

The Miss Delaware Scholarship Organization is now accepting applications for their next representative!

Why enter? Because you can…

  • Gain valuable experience and develop life skills (e.g. interview skills, public speaking, interpersonal communication, social interaction, etc.)
  • Earn quality scholarship funds for college and graduate school, regardless of whether a title is won
  • Find new interests and discover new opportunities
  • Make lifelong friendships
  • Learn to set goals, follow them through and exceed your expectations
  • Foster a positive, self-motivated mindset to achieve your goals
  • Receive recognition for your efforts in bettering yourself and your community

The current Miss Delaware, as you know, is WJBR’s very own Grace Otley.

She has made us so proud in representing the first state. Grace advocates for adoption as her initiative. She has been doing amazing work in bringing awareness to adoption as an option for families.

Fill out the registration form, and embark on your future journey.

Not only could you represent Delaware at Miss America, but you could win scholarships as well.

At this year’s Miss America competition, Grace won the Forever Miss America Scholarship of $5,000. With it, she could fund her education in the arts.

Grace speaks fondly of her experiences:

“Ever since becoming a part of the Miss America Organization of 14 as Miss Delaware’s Outstanding Teen, I dreamt of being able to attend my own week at Miss America. I am so grateful to have left with incredible friendships, experiences…{…}…This would not have been possible without the Miss Delaware board who has supported me for almost 10 years.”

If you currently represent a current town or city in Delaware, take the next step. Apply today to represent the first state and follow in Grace’s footsteps.

Miss Delaware Scholarship Organization Accepting Applicants

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