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The infamous Downtown Dinos of Delaware have been spotted all over the first state. But somehow, one was spotted where you’d never imagine it to be. That place is Goodwill. Delaware reddit user Joatoat posted the photo below to Reddit, captioning the photo, “spotted at the bear goodwill today”. Whether the user bought it or not has not been publicized and no further comments have been made.

The Downtown Dinos of Delaware became very famous in 2003 and many people remember the various locations of each Dinosaur sculpture. The full list and diagram of all the available dinosaur sculptures can be found through this link This particular Downtown Dino found at the Bear Goodwill is known as Four Scorasaurus, and is a play on Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. Unfortunately, almost all of the Downtown Dinos have gone extinct and their whereabouts are unknown. It’s actually very confusing how this item even got into the Goodwill.

The website that once held more information about the dinosaurs, is not an applicable website anymore and the domain is available for purchase.

These Delaware Fast Food Joints Have Treats For Your Dog

These Delaware Fast Food Joints Have Treats For Your Dog

It’s true that plenty of restaurants in Delaware go above and beyond to serve up delicious eats for their human customers – but now they’re taking things one step further by offering treats for your dog.

While most dogs have probably tried the famous Pup Cup from Starbucks, some of these other treats aren’t as well known.  My dog LOVES pup cups.  She eats it up so fast and then the small cup is left hanging on her little nose.  It’s too cute!  She will be pumped to know there are other places we can go now too!

Unfortunately, these specialty treats are usually only available upon request so you’ll have to ask when stopping for a bite with your pup.  They really should add these items to the menu.  Why do we have to guess?

I wonder if there are other places with options for dogs?  Why is it on trend to keep these treats a secret?  This is why we have to spoil our pets ourselves.

So, where are these fast food joints with treats for our pups?  Reader’s Digest put together a list and these are the places here in Delaware.

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