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Miss Troy's Drag Brunch Tickets On Sale Now

Tickets On Sale For Drag Brunch At The Queen

If you have been needing your Aunt Mary Pat fix, this is the next best thing!

Troy Hendrickson, aka, Miss Troy will be appearing at the Queen in Wilmington.

TICKETS are available now for Miss Troy’s Drag Brunch.

Miss Troy has several other shows in the are that you can attend but this is the only one in Wilmington.

Miss Troy has been performing since 2016. Around 2019, Aunt Mary Pat came to life. The character, based on Troy’s mom, started as a joke. Troy never realized how far Aunt Mary Pat would go once she took off. But boy did she ever!

After the New Year, Aunt Mary Pat announced that she will embark on her final tour “Clocking Out”. Once the tour wraps in June, Aunt Mary Pat will hang up her hat.

You still have a chance to grab tickets for that show HERE

Several Wilmington and area dates are available.

While Aunt Mary Pat may only exist on our screens past June, it looks like Miss Troy will continue to take the stage. For now.

The Queen is happy to bring Miss Troy’s Drag Brunch and Aunt Mary Pat to the stage.

The Queen is a historic live music venue. They claim to bring the best and most diverse music to downtown Wilmington.

Directly from their website:

“All hail her royal highness, The Queen! Originally built in the 1800s, “The Indian Queen Hotel” was a popular place for traveling sailors to spend the night. From 1916-1959, the hotel was repurposed into a movie theater and brought joy to thousands of locals.

Sadly, it was abandoned and sat dormant for over 50 years. With water pouring through the ceilings, the walls caving in, and the façade crumbling, this majestic theater had become a faded memory of Market Street’s vibrant past.

However, as all good leaders do, The Queen found her way back to the throne and reopened her doors to the people on April 1st, 2011. Today, a full scale live music venue, she stands as one of the most historic buildings and theaters in Wilmington, Delaware.”

Tickets On Sale For Drag Brunch At The Queen

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