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President Joe Biden’s Greenville house is in the news!

By now you are familiar with the story about classified documents found in his garage,  putting Biden’s Greenville house in the news.

If you are a longtime Delawarean,  you may have driven right by the Presidents Barley Mill Road house without ever realizing it.

I must admit, the recent news stories struck up some curiosity about the home.   Like many, I find Zillow fascinating.   Maybe I should have been a real estate agent, but I find premium properties fascinating.   The neighborhoods, the price point of the house, the exterior, the interior, all of it.

One of my hobbies when I am out for a run, is to take note of homes that are on the market, and checking them out on Zillow.

The President is also a real estate hobbyist.   Biden wrote in his 2007 autobiography, “Promises To Keep”;  “My idea of Saturday fun was to jump in the Corvette and drive around the Wilmington area scouting open houses, houses for sale, land where we could build,”

If you did not know, The President and his wife Jill live in Greenville, DE, an upscale suburb of Wilmington.

In 1996, the President-to-be purchased 4 acres on a lake formed by Little Mill Creek.  Back then, he purchased the property for $350,000 and started construction on the 6,850 square foot home, that is now worth close to $2,000,000!

Biden's Greenville home is in the news

The home completed in 1998 has 3 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms and sits on over 4 acres of lakefront property including beautiful pool.

The home also has a multi car garage containing at least one Corvette…and a few boxes of important stuff!

1209 Barley Mill Rd, Wilmington, DE 19807

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10 Best Places For Bagels In Wilmington

10 Best Places For Bagels In Wilmington

What’s better than a fresh bagel with a cup of coffee to get your morning started?   Crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside.   Sandwich bagels, pizza bagels, lox and cream cheese, just butter, there are endless options when it comes to topping them off.  And don’t even get me started on all the different types of bagels and all the flavors of cream cheese.  So many to choose from.

National Calendar Day says that Sunday, January 15th is National Bagel Day.  To give you a little history, they go on to say that Polish-Jewish immigrants introduced the bagel to the United States. Throughout New York City and the surrounding boroughs, they grew thriving businesses.  This is still true today.  Some say no bagels are better than a New York Bagel.  I think it has something to do with the water there.

So, naturally with National Bagel Day only a few days away, we wanted to know where to best places to grab a bagel are in Wilmington.  To do this, we took to the drew over at YELP, who determined this based on user reviews.

Here are the 10 best places for bagels in Wilmington for National Bagel Day