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They provide drinks, comfort and a feeling of home! Here’s Delaware’s Best Dive Bar:

It’s Murph’s Irish Pub at 401 Philadelphia Pike, Wilmington, DE 19809.

We love Murph’s at WJBR, we even learned how to make some St. Patrick’s day cocktails there this year!

Side note: the Guiness stew was to die for!

Yelp compiled a list of the top rated dive bar in each state and Murph’s in Wilmington came out on top!

How did they determine first place? According to Yelp ““This is an all-time list of the top dive bars in every state according to Yelp. We identified businesses in the dive bars category, then ranked those spots using a number of factors including the total volume and ratings of reviews. When available, all businesses on this list have a passing health score as of October 17, 2022.”

Look no further than the review on Murph’s place if you want to see how much people love this local watering hole.

On “Yelper” said “My boyfriend and I stopped by for a quick bite and I highly recommend it. We could tell the bartender was busy (for a Sunday afternoon) but she still gave us exceptional service, constantly checking up on us and starting conversation. The food was also pretty good and at a good price. Also, the regulars are friendly and helpful. If you’re around, stop by Murph’s Irish Pub!”

Another reviewer said “I was looking for a good watering hole when I moved to town. I stumbled across Murphs and have felt at home there every since. The staff is great, the bartenders quickly learned my name and have always been attentive to me when I come in. Although they are often busy they always make time to ask me how things are going. I feel comfortable taking my wife there and I even would go as far to say when my family comes in town I would gladly take them to get a drink and possibly even dinner at Murphs.”

They provide drinks, comfort and a feeling of home! Here’s Delaware’s Best Dive Bar.

Delaware Ranked As A Top 10 Most Charitable State

Giving back is always rewarding. So it is no shock to see Delaware ranked as a Top 10 most charitable state.

Wallet Hub ranked all 50 states on their charitable nature.

In order to come up with their list Wallet Hub said “In order to determine the most philanthropic states, WalletHub compared the 50 states across two key dimensions, “Volunteering & Service” and “Charitable Giving.”

Utah was ranked as the most charitable state in America. Delaware sits in the Top 10 coming in at #8.

Pennsylvania beat Delaware coming in at #7 and New Jersey was ranked #32 overall.

Maryland was ranked as the #2 overall Most Charitable State.

According to Wallet Hub “Americans do more than just reach in their pockets to help others, though. They also contribute their time — and plenty of it. Nearly 78 million people volunteer in the U.S., serving a combined total of 5.8 billion hours per year, the equivalent of $147 billion of service.”

So where does the United State rank as a charitable nation? Wallet Hub reports that we are the 19th most charitable nation in the world.

“U.S. donors in 2020 still gave nearly $485 billion to charity, with 67% of the funds coming directly from individuals, according to the National Philanthropic Trust,” the study says.

Delaware was tied for most charities per capita. The first state came in at #1 in those rankings tied with Vermont and Montana.

Delaware also ranked 9th overall in Volunteering & Service and 20th overall in Charitable Giving.

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Giving back is always rewarding. So it is no shock to see Delaware ranked as a Top 10 most charitable state.

Here are the Top 10 Most Charitable States in America:


  • 10. Virginia

  • 9. Ohio

  • 8. Delaware

  • 7. Pennsylvania

  • 6. Wyoming

  • 5. Oregon

  • 4. North Dakota

  • 3. Minnesota

  • 2. Maryland

  • 1. Utah