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We’ve seen all the devastating news coverage. We have been checking in on friends and family in Florida. We have been asking ourselves “Will Hurricane Ian Impact Delaware Weather?”

The short answer is yes.

It’s always best to be prepared for inclement weather when it comes to a storm making it’s way up the coast.

According to Delaware Online, Ian strengthened back into a Category 1 hurricane late Thursday. The storm was set to make landfall Friday afternoon on the coast of South Carolina before moving inland across the state and into North Carolina by Saturday.

Heavy rains and tropical storm conditions had already reached the coast of Georgia and the Carolinas by this morning. At one point there were reports of life-threatening storm surge and hurricane conditions.

South Carolina and Virginia are expected to see some flooding due to heavy rainfall.

Will Hurricane Ian Impact Delaware Weather?

As it moves up the coast, Hurricane Ian has reportedly gained a new strength. Delaware will likely see a more mild aftermath of the hurricane’s path. Some flash flooding may occur, with some gusty winds. Other than a typically rainy, fall day we shouldn’t be too concerned about much else.

Forecasts for Delaware beaches call for increasing winds from Friday through Tuesday, with high probabilities of rain on Saturday and Sunday.

The National Weather Service has issued no warnings or advisories for Delaware as of 9 a.m. Friday.

If you’re prepping for the weekend, be prepared for rain. Most of the weekend we will see temperatures ranging between mid-50s and mid-60s with rain throughout. It will most likely be a chilly and messy few days.

Other than that, we shouldn’t see too much in the wake of a storm.


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