Delaware Litter Free School Zone Program

Governor Carney on Thursday launched a new program encouraging students to keep their communities litter free. The program – “Litter Free School Zones” – was launched in coordination with Keep Delaware Beautiful and the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT). This was launched in coordination with the “Keep DE Litter Free” initiative.

Governor Carney’s Announcement:


What Is The Litter Free School Zone Program?

The Litter Free School Zone program is designed to encourage students to keep their school grounds litter-free and to raise public awareness regarding litter. Every school in the state is encouraged to join the movement to keep Delaware litter free.

“Children play an important role in Keeping DE Litter Free. This program will continue to instill pride in our schools. As stewards of their school campuses, our students’ commitment to be litter free spills over to the community and neighborhoods,” said Dr. Christine Alois, Superintendent of the Caesar Rodney School District.

How To Become A Litter Free School Zone:

In order to become a Litter Free School Zone, each school is asked to conduct two litter clean ups as a campus. Students are also asked to track the types of litter collected to help determine future messaging about litter. At the culmination of the two campus wide litter clean ups DelDOT will provide a post and sign designating the school as a Litter Free School Zone. Students, clubs, and classes can participate in the Litter Free School Zone program.

Schools can sign up for the program on Keep Delaware Beautiful’s website.