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Michelle Branch talked about her altercation with husband Patrick Carney on the Tamron Hall Show.

Branch shared that she and Carney have started therapy and said she wished they went to therapy six months ago.

“I wish that we had gotten help and talked to someone sooner,” says Branch. “It’s made such a huge difference in such a short amount of time. If there’s anyone out there watching … this is your sign. If you’ve been thinking about it, go talk to someone.”

As for the night which resulted in her being arrested on domestic assault charges, which were later dropped, Branch was very forthcoming about it all.

“The night … what went down is so unfortunate,” said Branch. “It was the worst night of my life. And then to have it out in the world as I’m about to put out a record has been a lot, but all I can do is just be honest about what I’m going through and what’s going on. I’m not the first person to have gone through this.”

She added, “They are not allegations. I don’t condone violence. I slapped my husband. Not the finest moment of my life.”

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Then, when asked what she’s taken from therapy following slapping Carney, Branch said, “I’m only seven months postpartum from having a baby. Every parent in the audience knows this. Sleep, stress, life stress, marriage stress, work stress. We had been out at a birthday party that night, and I had a few drinks. All the blocks were stacked in a way where I didn’t have time to think about what I was doing.”

She continued, “It was one of those things where, ‘Is this really happening? Did this really just happen?’ And you’re realizing in real-time, ‘Oh, I probably shouldn’t have tweeted that. I definitely shouldn’t have let my anger get the best of me.'”

The tweet comment is in reference to when Branch tweeted out Carney cheated on her and the name of the alleged person who he cheated with. Branch’s fans rallied around her and shared their support on Twitter. Their comments are below.

Branch concluded, “It’s unfortunate it took this horrible, traumatic event to hopefully…my husband and I are like, ‘Maybe, how we were going was unsustainable. Maybe this will give us the tools to have a stronger marriage than we ever had.’ We’re rolling up our sleeves and doing the work, which never sounds like fun, but we’re doing it.”


Michelle Branch, Patrick Carney Split After Infidelity Accusations & Her Fans Are Pissed

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