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I’m sure you’ve seen many people over the years scanning the beach with a metal detector looking for buried treasure!

But would you ever imagine finding treasure while dining in a restaurant?

That’s what happened to Scott Overland, 37 of Phoenixville, PA.

Last week while on vacation in Rehoboth Beach, Scott along with his wife and two kids were enjoying a nice family dinner at Salt Air on Wilmington Ave.

While Scott was enjoying his littleneck clam appetizer he bit down on what he thought was a shell.   After looking at the object his wife thought it was a piece of candy.

The object turned out to be a rare purple pearl!  Scott said he had never heard of a pearl coming from a clam as most associate pearls with oysters.

Turns out the clam was a quahog that are known to produce porcelainlike pearls.  The clam was grown by Cherrystone Aqua Farms in the Chesapeake Bay.  An official from the clam company says he knows of people discovering pearls in the clams a few times a  year.

Scott is considering keeping the pearl or getting it appraised.  He’s heard very rough estimates the pearl could be worth anywhere between $600 and $16,000!Rehoboth Beach Pearl