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We all love a nice, clean, and accessible restroom. Well a garden in Sussex County may have America’s Top Restroom.

It’s an award many didn’t know existed, but would be proud to win. To say a place has an amazing bathroom is a very high honor!

The Delaware Botanical Gardens in Dagsboro have such a restroom. Their potty is up for the annual America’s Best Restroom.

You can vote for them to win right here.

You can vote for this super bathroom all the way to August 31st.

The top commode is competing against toilets in California, Texas, The Carolinas, Oregon, New Jersey, Missouri, Georgia, and Florida. This is the 21st year for the award.

The annual America’s Best Restroom Award is given out every year by Cintas.

According to their website “a growing number of companies are going the extra mile to create the most memorable restrooms imaginable, and we are recognizing those establishments with Cintas’ America’s Best Restroom® award. Cintas is on a mission to locate America’s porcelain pioneers who are taking dramatic steps to create unforgettable facilities.”

Any restroom in the United States that is open for public use is eligible.

According to CBS3 the public bathroom at the Delaware Botanical Gardens is the running for the award because of “their natural cedar wood and floor-to-ceiling windows.”

If you want to see how amazing these facilities really are click here or visit the gardens yourself! They really are stunning.

According to NBC10  “These new restrooms are made of natural cedar cladding and encompass floor-to-ceiling south windows, all designed by local firm of SEA Studio Architects.”

Be sure to vote as much as you can through August 31st because Sussex County may have America’s Top Restroom.

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