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The first state is known for its unique license plates. A judge recently ruled that a controversial Delaware license plate may be protected by free speech.

Milton resident Kari Lynn Overington had a very unique vanity license plate until it was later revoked.

The plate read “FCANCER” and was approved for use by Overington in 2020. She held the plate for six months until it was revoked by a DMV manager.

According to the New York Post the DMV manager claims the plate “does not represent the division and the state in a positive manner.”

The controversy surrounds what the “F” in “FCANCER” stands for. Officials argue the “F” is perceived profanity.

You can see a picture of the controversial plate here. 

Overrington argues that the “F” could stand for a plethora of things.

She also commented on how her vanity plate has been received in public. She says the feedback she has encountered is positive.

Overrington’s life has been affected by cancer and she says the plate has caused people to open up to her about how cancer has affected their lives.

When the plate was revoked, Overrington filed a lawsuit claiming that her Delaware vanity plate was protected under free speech.

A judge ruled that Overrington could proceed with her case if she amended her suit hat the defendants were being sued in their official, not individual, capacities, and said he would help her find a lawyer to argue the constitutional issue.

According to the Huffington Post Overrington has asked Department of Transportation officials to seek advice from the Governor of Delaware. She claims that people in other states have been able to keep their vanity plater because of the Governor’s intervention into the matter.

She cites the Governor’s work with the Delaware Cancer Consortium and his proximity to President Biden and his son Beau.

A judge said the lawsuit can proceed as the controversial Delaware license plate may be protected by free speech.

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