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They come from far and wide to snag the biggest fish. The annual White Marlin Open starts this weekend in Ocean City.

The 48th annual White Marlin Open kicks off next week in Ocean City, Maryland and will bring tons of spectators and competitors to the beach town.

Fisherman and teams will compete for millions of dollars! The 2021 version of the contest paid over $9.2 million in winnings.

2021 also saw an insane amount of teams come to Ocean City, Maryland! A total of 444 boats and 3,500 competitors clashed for the prize money.

The competition has been compared to the Super Bowl in the fact that thousands cheer on boats as they pull in to weight their catch. Fisherman are in search for the biggest white marlin, blue marlin, tuna, wahoo, dolphin and swordfish.

The event kicks off August 6th in OC. Fishing will kick off August 8th and run through the 12th. Fans can hang around and watch the weigh-ins and enjoy the excitement as well.

Fisherman are also given polygraph tests! The lie detector tests are to make sure there are no fish tales running rampant in Ocean City.

Marlin Fest is also a HUGE part of the White Marlin Open. The fest features live music, a stream of the weigh-ins, kid friendly and educational experiences, merchandise, and of course food and beverage.

Live music at Marlin Fest includes Opposite Directions, Other Brother Darryl, Jimmy Charles, and The Q-Tip Bandits. Check out the schedule here.

Marlin Fest takes place on the beach at the inlet.

The White Marlin Open also has official gear as well! You can’t have a massive event without awesome t-shirts. 

Michael Jordan’s Catch 23 boat and team is currently registered to compete! Keep an eye out for the Hall of Fame hooper AND country music star Jimmie Allen as well. The annual White Marlin Open starts this weekend in Ocean City.

Michael Jordan was just in Ocean City! Check it out.