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Earlier this week I spoke with Lisa Ann Walter from the new hit ABC series “Abbott Elementary”.  The show is a tribute to the hardworking teachers around the world. More specifically it focuses on an underfunded public school in Philadelphia.

Much like her character Melissa Schemmenti, Lisa Ann is a Sicilian spitfire. The character Melissa embodies the South Philly attitude of someone who “knows a guy who knows a guy” who can fix any problem. I did ask her how close her character is to her IRL and the only answer I  needed was when she called me “hun”.

Growing up in Maryland, her mother was a teacher in the D.C. public school system. Walter mentions that she related to the concept of the show because of this experience.

We laughed while discussing the circumstance the characters find themselves in. Some situations are totally based on reality while others are embellished. Regardless of the basis, they are a FUNNY.

Lisa Ann Walter from Abbott Elementary

Fun Fact: Lisa Ann has radio experience! She lives in LA and several years ago she hosted a show with a bit of an edge. She even got her singer/songwriter son to write up a jingle for a weekly segment about Walmart.

She’s a total pro and a lot of fun to talk to. Give a listen to my time on the phone with Lisa Ann below!

If you’re a fan of funny mockumentaries like The Office, catch up on Hulu. Abbott Elementary also airs on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on ABC.