Truly Hard Seltzer is launching their newest flavor variety pack, Margarita Style Hard Seltzers. Putting Truly’s spin on the traditional margarita, the line features four new flavors including Classic Lime, Strawberry Hibiscus, Watermelon Cucumber and Mango Chili. All will be available nationwide in the Margarita Style Mix Pack now and throughout January.

Each flavor is made with real ingredients including lime juice concentrate, agave nectar and sea salt, and is 5.3% ABV, 110 calories, 1g sugar and gluten free.

“With the Truly Margarita styles, we wanted to marry everything drinkers love about hard seltzer with the flavors of a classic margarita,” said Casey O’Neill, Director of Product Development at the Boston Beer Company. “The margarita is such a beloved, iconic cocktail and we’re excited to bring it to life in a fun, new way.”

The Margarita Style Mix Pack is the latest to join the Truly family of innovative hard seltzers, which now offers drinkers more than 32 flavors.