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Kelly Clarkson is certainly financially comfortable, but when it comes to buying her two small children everything they want when they go to stores, she doesn’t believe in spoiling them.¬†After a single mom talked about being a pushover with her kids and giving in too much, Kelly said, “We are so different.”

Clarkson continued, “I will relate to, and I think everybody can sometimes they just wear you down. Just like, I’m just tired of having this conversation. You’re exhausted like, ‘I cannot believe you’re surprised that bedtime happens every night. Why are we having this argument?’ So I get why you give in.”

In the store, she’s not so forgiving. Kelly shared that she preps her kids when they go into a store either telling them that will not be getting something or that they can get a “little thing.” She added, “If you don’t that’s where the nightmare happens.”

Clarkson then shared that her kids were fighting over a toy recently and she promptly “took that toy straight to the trash.” She told the kids, “I’m sorry but since neither of you knows how to share it we will give it to the garbage.”

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