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America's Got Talent Live! : The All Stars Tour logo captured on the big screen onstage during opening night on October 6, 2015 in Salina, Kansas.

A 10-year-old America’s Got Talent semifinalist had a little trouble getting started yesterday (September 30), when he missed the intro to Badfinger’s original 1970 song “Without You,” made popular in the ’90s by Mariah Carey.

When the piano music began, singer Peter Rosalita seemed to have trouble hearing it over the crowd applause and shouts, but he remained calm and asked, “Hello? Wait, can you repeat please?” Rosalita said with a smile when the music stopped. “Sorry. Sorry guys.”

Once he was able to begin again, Rosalita completely rocked his performance, receiving a standing ovation from judges Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Howie Mandel who were equally impressed with his maturity. What’s more impressive was that the power ballad originally has been recorded by more than 180 artists, with Carey’s version being one of the most popular, Yahoo Entertainment reports.

“What happened at the beginning was amazing,” Sofia Vergara complimented the young talent. “To me, it showed the command you have on the stage. You didn’t miss a beat.”

Even Simon Cowell, who has made a career picking apart the faults and flubs of performers, had nothing but positive things to say about Rosalita. “The fact that you knew you missed the intro, you took control on a live show and went, ‘You know what, let’s start again,’” Cowell said. “I’m thinking, ‘Good for you.’ Then you delivered that amazing vocal.”

Watch Peter Rosalita’s performance of “Without You” without the fumble below:

Watch Mariah Carey’s version of “Without You” below:

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