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Disclaimer: This is not Hector. This picture is for editorial purposes only. For picture of Hector, refer to the body of the article.

Out of the 51 dogs rescued from the dogfighting operation run by Michael Vick in 2007, one of the victims went on to become a trained therapy dog. After being rehabilitated and adopted by new owners, Hector’s new family enrolled him into therapy training so that Hector could be a service animal. In this role, Hector would receive so much love, and would also give just as much. He initially tried out to be a detection service dog but that wasn’t his true calling. The Minnesota couple whom adopted Hector helped him learn new skills, surrounding him with other friendly dogs. He passed the Canine Good Citizen test twice and then became certified to service therapy in nursing homes and hospitals, according to WallaceThePitbull. He also would visit schools to help kids get acclimated with dogs and teach them how to interact with them safely.

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Posted by Hector the Pit Bull on Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hector was treated horribly through his young life, under the ownership of Michael Vick. But through the love and care that rehabilitated him, he enjoyed 7 long years of love and affection. At 8 years old he began to have struggles and passed at nine years old due to cancer.

As we acknowledge pet therapy heroes, we’d like to shine some light on the Pet Therapy Programs of Nemours Hospital for Children. Pet Therapy Programs help children and families handle stress, gain confidence, offer companionship, and safeguard overall health and well being. WJBR is proud to host Nemours Help Our Kids Radiothon this September, which will raise money and donations to benefit Nemours Hospital for Children and the programs, like pet therapy in which they provide. If you wish to donate now, you can on our website, by clicking here.

You can also donate to the Nemours Pet Therapy Programs by rounding up any purchases made at local Concord Pet Stores.

Pet Therapy Animals Comfort Those in Hospitals and Nursing Homes….

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