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Eaton is the first and only hockey player to ever make it to the pros from first state. In 13 years in the NHL, Eaton played for a total of four different teams, including the Philadelphia Flyers in his first year as a professional. The Dickinson High School graduate played in a total of 650 games and scored a total of 24 goals to go along with 61 assists. Eaton’s is also a one-time Stanley Cup champion, after winning Lord Stanley’s trophy as a member of the Pittsburgh Penguins back in 2009.
This post was originally written by Digital Content Intern Patrick LaPorte. LaPorte is a senior media communications major at the University of Delaware, working as a news and sports reporter for The Review and sports director for 91.3 WVUD at UD.


The Olympics in Tokyo are right around the corner. With that in mind, over the next few weeks leading up to this year’s Olympiad we will take a look at athletes in your area that made a mark at the collegiate and/or professional level. There are a few criteria for an athlete to make these lists. First, the athlete must have competed for a high school in the state mentioned. Second, they must have played at least one year in the aforementioned decade (In this case 2010-2019). Lastly, they must have played either at the collegiate or professional level. The lists are ranked in no particular order.

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