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A start up app created in 2018 allows homeowners to rent out their personal swimming pools by the hour. While this sounds like a fantastic idea, the app has recently received push back in the state of Wisconsin. They are saying that in order to rent out your personal pool it must follow all of the regulations that a public swimming pool does., started with just 4 pools in New Jersey and saw great success during the pandemic. Since the app became available in Wisconsin with only 4 pools in the entire state, they have been the first to put mandatory requirement on these at-home pools before they can be rented. The requirements include meeting certain construction demands and also having a license.

According to, the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection referenced the Wisconsin state law that a pool is considered public if it is used on a regular basis by anyone other than the residents. Swimply is fighting back and even threating to sue. They claim that by those standards homes with pools also couldn’t use their homes as Airbnb’s or have friends over to swim.

There are currently multiple pools in the Delaware area available to rent starting around $39/ per hour.