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The pitch of your voice may say more about you than we ever thought! Study Shows: Men With Lower Voices Are Worse At Communicating With Their Partner Researchers in China found that men with lower pitched voices are the worst with communication when it comes to their loved ones. These same men are also the most likely to avoid forming close attachment with others.

During the study, 218 undergraduate men were given a questionnaire to determine their attachment style in relationships. They were also asked to record their voices in order to determine pitch.

According to, higher pitch voices have been related to better communication patterns with loved ones. Authors of the study believe their findings are linked to lower voice men generally having higher levels of testosterone. It could also mean that men with higher voices have developed more in terms of communication when it comes to finding a partner. Seeing as men with lower voices are generally found more attractive to women.

When the same study was done using female students there was no relationship between voice pitch and attachment/communication styles.