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Hello! It’s Jessie Jordan from the Mix Morning Show. Hope this finds you well + looking forward to warmer temperatures + trips to the beach. I have had our ocean water on my mind since learning the Delaware River dumps just over 283,000 pounds of plastic waste into our ocean! YIKES! Obviously, we can’t fix the problem overnight, but with our recent plastic bag ban, and more and more recycled products available, we can little by little help our oceanic friends, their food supply + ultimately our supply!

When we went to Rehoboth Beach a couple of weekends ago I met a woman who was wearing shoes made of recycled plastic! They were so cute and even more comfortable. Rothy’s Shoes!! Have you heard of them? Seen them? I had never, but I’m a fan. You can check them out at rothys.com.

Honestly, I am happy I was introduced to her shoes + now will be more conscious of available recycled products. In fact, here are FIVE products I found that I thought looked useful and worth a try.

HUNNYBEEE Beeswax Reusable Food Wraps

reusable food wraps

I am not sure if this stuff works like the Cling Wrap stuff that I absolutely love to use, but it sure seems like it does. And it’s reusable? Bonus!

Grab it here from Amazon.

LastSwab Reusable Cotton Swabs

reusable cotton swab

Hmmm, only one swab for the rest of my life? Seems impossible, but the reviews and popularity of this item have me thinking it could be done. Keeping an open mind here! 

Order them now on Amazon.

100% Organic Grass Straws Drinking

organic grass drinking straws

I know my kids jumped on the metal straw bandwagon real quick. They wanted them a couple of years ago, but geez, I gotta tell ya there is nothing awesome about metal straws (in my opinion!). It’s something about the cold temperature of the metal straw that I don’t like. Maybe grass straws are a better alternative?

Buy them here.

Reusable Paper Towels

reusable paper towels

Reusable paper towels? Well, I kinda already do that with my tea towel collection (long overdue for some new ones). My mom always had paper towels, but they were more for cleaning than anything else. Can’t lie, I do love the sanitary aspect of a throw-away towel, but at the same time if it would help the environment to use towels like these… I am in full support!

Snag them from Amazon.

Homemade Popsicle Molds Shapes

popsicle molds

As a kid, homemade popsicles were the ONLY kind of popsicles I had. So this item brought back some nostalgia. My Mom would make kool-aid and turn it into popsicles or she would make popsicles from chocolate pudding.  I think it’s time for my kids to share the same joy!

Get these molds here.

If you have any recycled products you think I should try, but all means let me know about them. Email me! jessie.jordan@wjbr.com 

Happy Earth, Happy You + Me!

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