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EJ paid a visit to Rugby Delaware over at Can-Do Park in New Castle County this past weekend to celebrate their last game of the season and meet the President of the organization, leading up to the 5K happening June 6th!

To sign up for the Rugby Delaware 5K please visit the link at the bottom of this page.

With so many sports and outdoor activities to choose from nowadays, rugby is a great choice for kids of any age, any experience, male or female, etc. Rugby Delaware focuses on giving kids an outdoor space to exercise, make new friends, and learn team-building and participation.

Rugby Delaware is a non profit organization and has a 5K coming up on June 6th 2021, where EJ will actually be participating!

To sign up for the Rugby Delaware 5K please visit the link below…

Rugby Delaware Foundation 5K

The Rugby Delaware Foundation 5K is on Sunday June 6, 2021.

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