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If you personally love eating leftovers or you hate them, scientists say there is a reason. According to, scientists at the Florida International University have studied the relationship between a person’s economic situation and their feelings towards leftovers.

There are people that eat leftovers to save money while others are stable enough to afford to throw their leftovers away and buy/make something new. People also fear that certain foods might be unsafe to eat after a certain amount of time. Some people may also feel anxiety about spending money on food or wasting it.

People also might not enjoy eating the same thing multiple times in a row. If you had something for dinner the night before it may seem like a boring lunch choice for the next day. Overtime there have also been historical attitudes towards leftovers. During the Great Depression food was scarce and rationing was on everyone’s mind. That period was followed a time when people had an abundance of food and many threw away leftovers.

Now people seem to focus on sustainability. We believe that we are doing something good by eating our leftovers instead of getting something new. It could be seen as helping the planet or your wallet. Now American restaurants are also increasing their portion sizes which naturally leads to more leftovers.

This burrito Julie B ordered created a few days worth of leftovers for her and Johnny B: