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An hour long chase in a stolen fire/rescue ambulance came to an end when the driver decided to try and outrun the police on foot. According to, the ambulance was taken early on Monday morning from the Dallas Fire Station No. 53. It was later spotted in the afternoon driving in southeast Dallas County.

The man  refused to stop the car when confronted by authorities and then began leading them through Plano, McKinney and Princeton. There were several points when he tried to lose police by driving into oncoming traffic and even through residential neighborhoods.

When the ambulance seemed to get stuck, the driver decided to bail out and outrun the police. Unfortunately for him, his pants fell down during this part of the chase. Which ultimately led to him having to give himself up. Police then were able to bring the man into custody.

You can watch the full video below. The driver leaves the ambulance at the 13 minute mark.

Police chase ambulance stolen from Dallas fire station

Someone stole an ambulance from a Dallas fire station Monday and led police on a chase down highways and two lane roads.Story: