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There will likely be another supply shortage coming very soon. Once again toilet paper will be an item on the list. The issue is coming from international shipping, there are currently two crises on the sea that have slowed down global commerce.

The first of the two issues is that Egypt’s Suez Canal was blocked for 6 days. There was a cargo vessel that got stuck and held hundreds of ships up in the process. The blockage was said to account for about 12% of the world’s trade. The ship was finally freed on Monday (March 29) but, it will still take about a week to clear up the issue.

There is also a current shortage of shipment containers. According to, these containers are primarily made in China. A lot of the factories that made them shut down in the early days of COVID. Suppliers weren’t ready when trade picked back up in the second half of 2020. Products expected to be in shortage include: cheese, toilet paper, coffee, and furniture.