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Samantha LaLiberte is a social worker from Nashville who made a full recovery from COVID-19 months ago. According to, about 7 months after she had been sick she began noticing that everything smelled horrible! It all began with take-out food that she ordered that made her want to vomit.

Samantha said it got so bad that she had to stop going out to eat. Things like candles and even her husband of 8 years began having horrible scents. The disorder is known as parosmia, which means that smells that were once enjoyable have become intolerable. Typically things have been reported smelling like anything from chemicals to feces for someone suffering from parosmia. At this point, it is believed that 47% of people who have had COVID-19 found changes in taste and smell. From that group of people half also experienced parosmia.

Many people experiencing parosmia have turned to a Facebook group to talk about their experience. It truly has effected people’s relationships and ability to have a social life. The group currently has 16,000 members all struggling with their sense of smell.  However people are reporting their smell going back to normal eventually, how long it takes will vary depending on the person.

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