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Deanna and Justin In The Morning

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A new study confirms the obvious: if you work too much or too little it will most likely lead to unhappiness. Cambridge University surveyed 5,000 people and found that people who had recently lost their jobs were the most likely to experience mental health issues. According to, the happiest people surveyed were those who only worked part time.

Professor Burchell, who works a 3 day week, suggests that if men start working only 3 days a week they would be more likely to help with cooking, cleaning, and household chores. On the opposite end of the spectrum once someone is working less than one day of the week we really see mental health starting to decline. However, working one day a week can be enough to reach fulfillment for some people.

Working less hours may save jobs for others has we transition out of a state of lockdown. It could also be the perfect opportunity for a change from the forty hour work week. There are a lot of people who are motivated and skilled workers that still would like to put in less than 40 hours a week.