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The cereal brand Lucky Charms has now teamed up with Cold Stone Creamery. Together they have created Luck Charms ice cream to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day 2021. As you may have expected the ice cream itself will be green. It will also be filled with double the amount of marshmallows you would typically find in your cereal. If that’s not already enough it will also be topped with whipped cream and gold glitter flakes.

According to, Cold Stone will also have a Lucky Charm milkshake. You can try Lucky Charms Ice Cream for yourself at Cold Stone starting on March 1st!

Cold Stone Is Offering Lucky Charms Ice Cream For St. Patrick's Day That's Covered in Gold Glitter

What is green all over, has double the amount of Lucky Charms marshmallows, and is topped with chunks of whipped cream and lucky gold flakes? Lucky Charms ice cream, of course! The popular cereal brand is partnering with Cold Stone Creamery for some seriously delicious St.