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Peeps have announced they are back just in time for Easter 2021! Now they are offering a ‘Cookie Coop Kit’ for the holiday. The ‘coop’ will essentially be their version of a ginger bread house!

According to, the kit will come with Peeps chickens, icing, candy for decorating, baked sugar cookie panels for building, and chicken shaped cookies.

The cookie panels will even have a link and lock feature making it easy to build your Peeps their new home. The ‘Cookie Coop Kit’ is available at BJ’s Wholesale Club right now. You can buy a set of two for $10.99 and the single coop sets will be available at other retailers soon.

The New Peeps Cookie Coop Kit Will Let You Build an Edible Decoration for Spring

From Best Products Now that we know that Peeps are officially coming back this Easter after a hiatus, it's time to indulge in everything the brand has to offer. One of the newest items is the Peeps Cookie Coop Kit, which will give you gingerbread house vibes in springtime.