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Kevin Hart’s personal shopper Dylan Syer pulled off the scam of the century —that is, until he got caught. TMZ states that he swindled the comedian out of over $1 million. And the way he did it was quite creative.

Syer began working with Kevin in 2015. For his job, he would make authorized purchases on behalf of Kevin. But then on the side, he began siphoning off money from Hart’s credit cards and depositing it in his own account.

He wasn’t even savvy enough to be smart with the money either. He reportedly lived lavishly and blew through the cash by buying up pricey jewelry, art, collectibles, and luxury handbags.

Dylan Syer was in court earlier this week for grand larceny and nine other counts. Prosecutors are currently trying to seize all of the items he purchased so Kevin can get some of his money back.

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