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When Brian Johnson had to leave AC/DC due to hearing loss issues, Axl Rose filled in. However, Chris Jericho said he could’ve done the job, too.

In an appearance on AC/DC: Beyond the Thunder, the wrestling legend/Fozzy frontman was asked what would he say if Angus Young had called him to fill in for Johnson. Jericho responded, “I could do it. I’m not saying that with any ego. That [singing style] is in my wheelhouse, too. ‘Hells Bells’ is right on the edge. I’d have to have a good day, maybe a shot of whiskey beforehand to do it. And ‘Thunderstruck’…’Thunderstruck’ is very, very hard to sing, [but] I could do it.”

Jericho also touched on how much he appreciated how Rose helped incorporate different songs into AC/DC’s setlist – like “Touch Too Much” and “Rock ‘N’ Roll Damnation” – during his time in the band.

“When you get a new guy in a band, it reinvigorates the band,” said Jericho. “You started seeing these songs [on the setlist] they hadn’t played in years. ‘Touch Too Much’ and ‘Riff Raff’?! Are you f—ing kidding me?!…They played ‘Problem Child’ for one show! Who would go and do that and learn a song for one show?”

Jericho continued, “They were so in the groove and having so much fun, most bands would not do that. ‘Rehearse a song for one show? Ah, forget it!’ The fact they did that means these guys were enjoying themselves.”


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