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Whether its 95 degrees outside or negative 2, there are some people that just have to have their ice coffee. If you find yourself in this group, drinking ice coffee in the middle of the winter just got a lot easier with Panera!

Panera has repurposed their bread bowls as handwarmers for their ice coffee. The new “Iced & Toasty Bread Bowl Hand Warmer” is shaped like a mitten. It has a hole in the top to put your drink and a hole on the side for your hand. While the bowl itself definitely looks like a snack, sadly it can’t be eaten after you finish your coffee. It is actually made from fabric only to look like a bread bowl.

According to, Panera decided to create their “mitten” after a survey found that 78% of Americans will still be drinking ice coffee through out the winter months.

Panera 'solves' dilemma for iced coffee drinkers with wintry Bread Bowl Hand Warmer

Drinking iced coffee in the dead of winter just got a little less chilling. Panera is repurposing its bread bowls - or at least the look of its bread bowls - to double as a hand warmer for iced coffee drinkers, for storing their java while on the go.