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A Romanian skiier was caught in quite possibly the scariest moment of their life, when a bear started to chase them down the mountain. The video below comes from lift riders who witnessed the man being chased. They yelled to him, “Go faster! The bear is chasing you! Go, go! Go faster!”

Un schior a fost alergat de un urs pe pârtia din Predeal

Un turist aflat pe schiuri a avut ghinionul de a se întâni cu un urs, chiar pe pârtia din Predeal. Din fericire, schiorul a scăpat cu bine după întâlnirea ne...

As the skiier continued down the slope, they quickly removed their backpack and left it on the ground behind them. The bear stopped to investigate the package, which ultimately spared the skiier’s life. No one was reported hurt or injured. Authorities investigated the bear sighting on ATV’s, but it had returned to the woods before they could see it.

According to reports, this is not the first time a bear has been spotted on Romanian mountainsides.