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Over the past year many couples have  likely spent more time together than they ever have in the past. All this time in each other’s personal space will likely lead to more fights and even break-ups. Fights along with being stuck inside your house will inevitably lead to more stress and of course those circumstances will affect your sleep.

According to behavioral scientist Wendy Troxel, “When you share a bed with another human being, your sleep is affected and it affects the other person who shares the bed with you.” When you and your partner are both living, working, and sleeping all in the same place that can make things like relaxing and going to sleep very difficult.

According to, when one partner disrupts the other’s sleep it is more likely to lead to a confrontation the next day. The good news through it all? Couples that are able to work through these sleep issues without them ending in catastrophe will likely come out of the pandemic closer than ever.