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Mix Morning Show with Johnny B & Jessie Jordan

5:30am - 10:00am

If you’ve spent the better part of a year now inside your house you’ve most likely ditched your jeans at this point. Now sweatpants and a morning routine that only includes the bare minimum will be more than enough.

Along with the amount of time it takes us to get ready for the day, our mental health has also been on the decline. According to, psychologists believe that even when we aren’t in public, how we dress influences our mental health and our productivity through the day. The affect varies depending on the individual, for some dressing up can be positive while for others it can have the opposite affect.

Emotional psychologist, Tracy Thomas, says that grooming ourselves can be seen as a celebration of life. Even spending the smallest amount of time on it can impact our mental, psychological, and physical health. The simple act of getting dressed in the morning can increase our motivation to do other things through out the course of the day. Also, if we are doing our work and leisure activities in the same clothing it could be more difficult to get into the work mindset.

If staying in your PJ’s keeps you feeling productive and motivated there’s no problem with that! It’s important for all of us to pick clothing and routines that make us personally feel the most productive and confident through out the day.