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Starbuck’s wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day with new reusable cups! They have released several new designs ahead of the holiday. The most popular of these Valentine’s Day exclusive cups is the purple “grande” design with a lipstick kiss on the side. The cup changes colors when it comes in contact with hot beverages. The “kiss” on the side of the cup also changes from red to pink when something hot is in the cup!

According to yahoo.com, you can check out all of the new Starbucks Valentine’s Day designs available now!



Starbucks' Just Released a Rare Color-Changing Cup for Valentine's Day

From Good Housekeeping Social media users have spotted new Valentine's Day-themed lines of merchandise in Starbucks' stores across the country. The collection features new color-changing cups, water bottles, mugs, and a selection of matte and glitter-infused cold-brew cups, all at various price points.