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Two Delaware schools were named out of 57 schools nationally as 2020 National ESEA Distinguished Schools for extraordinary success of their students. Accord to, The National Association of ESEA State Program Administrators (NAESPA), has been selecting examples of outstanding federally funded school programs for national recognition.

Frederick Douglass Elementary School, in the Seaford School District have been named for their excellent student performance and growth in academics for two or more consecutive years. Carol Leveillee has received praise as the school’s principle.

Joseph M. McVey Elementary School, in the Christina School District has also been honored. They are recognized in their achievements in bridging the between different student groups. That includes low-income students, racial minorities, and students with disabilities. Their principle Asia Ali-Hawkins was named along with the school’s recognition.

Delaware’s Secretary of Education Susan Bunting stated, “These schools are prime examples of how, with strong leadership and support, the hard work of our students, families, and educators leads to exceptional academic progress.”

The 2020 National ESEA Distinguished Schools will be honored virtually from February 8th through 11th during the virtual 2021 National ESEA Conference.

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