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According to, Twenty-six-year-old Katie Wilkinson from Winlaton, Gateshead called the police in horror after what she discovered in a muddy field while walking her dog Phoebe..

The police searched the area for nearly two hours with a K-9 unit out looking for the human body Katie had claimed to see only from a toe poking out of the ground.¬†As more and more detectives, sergeants, and officers arrived at the scene Katie continued to show them the picture she had taken of the mud covered toe. As the search continued on one officer approached Katie with the “toe” she had found in the mud.

It was a potato..

Dog walker sparks police hunt after mistaking potato for 'human toe'

A dog walker sparked a police hunt when she mistook a humble potato for a human body part poking out of the ground. Katie Wilkinson, 26, from Winlaton, Gateshead, called police after seeing what she believed might be a toe in a muddy field, while walking her dog Phoebe.